Martial Arts Motivation
9 Colors of Star Patches as Low as 35 Cents Each
Our Iron-On Martial Arts Patches Have Excellent Adhesion
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Martial arts instructors know the importance of motivation. We offer 9 colors of inexpensive star patches and sell to many martial arts and karate schools. Our star patches are as little as 35 cents each. Star patch colors include black, brown, red, blue, green, purple, orange, gold metallic and silver metallic.

"I have been using your patches over the past year and they work wonderfully. I need to place orders every two months because of all the new students! Thanks!" Robert, martial arts instructor, MA

"I just wanted to provide you some feedback on the patches! WOW! what a great motivational tool that is very affordable." KY

"Please don't every get rid of these patches! The kids love them and so do I! Thank you!" Alissa

"The Patches are GREAT! I love them! Thanks again." Jessica

"Your patches are great. I had no idea how much kids would kill themselves for a tiny piece of cloth." Joe, FL

Our motivational patches are for every sport, including martial arts, basketball, baseball, soccer, gymnastics, cheerleading, volleyball, swimming and track. They are also used by many schools to motivate students.

You can order online or contact us by email. Email us your address and we will send you free samples. Or, you can buy a sample pack of 3 motivational iron-on patches for only $2.24 or 4 patches for only $2.49, which includes the shipping cost in the U.S.

See our iron-on Martial Arts Motivation Patches with prices as low as 35 cents each

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